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good morning, america. this morning, breakdown. the so-called grand bargain to deal with america's deficit has died. the talks collapsed overnight. now, the question is, can any deal be cut before the country defaults on its debt? there's a big white house meeting today. on the run, a stunning statement from the country's new secretary of defense. al qaeda's defeat is within reach. is america close to a victory over the terror network? stolen life. kidnapped and held captive for 18 of her 31 years. jaycee dugard speaks exclusively to abc's diane sawyer about what it was like to be a prisoner, now, finally to be fre
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>> wow. i can walk into the next room and see my mom. wow, i can decide totoump in the car and go to the beach with the girls. wow. >> unbelievable. >> and, royal red carpet. it was the biggest night yet for the royal newlyweds of north america. hollywood's biggggt stars were out. but no surprise, it was kate who stole the show. we are live ininos angeles for will and kate's big hollywood moment. >> announcer: from abc news, this is a special edition of "good morning america," now, live from the belasco theater in los angeles, california, and new york city, weekend anchors bianna golodryga and dan harris. >> good morning, america, you're looking at a live shot from the belasco theater where they are still cleaning up from the royal
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event in decades. dan, you missed quite a party last night. >> i did. i understand there were a ton of celebrities with you, bianna. >> a ton of hollywood elite. tom hanks, nicole kidman, jennifer lopez, barbra streisand were all in this room. you see how huge the room was. all of the upstairs was closed off. it was an intimate dinner for 280 people. dan, these celebrities, these celebrities were told to, quote, be cool of around william and kate, not to flood them. they were the stars of the show. you want toe no what kate was wearing, this beautiful alexander mcqueen lavender dress. we'll talk about her clothing sometime coming up. it wasasuite a successful night for the royal couple here. that's quite a number. i love the detail about the celebrities told to be cool. there's huge breaking news in england where rupert
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murdock's 168 board number rolled off the presses for a long time. his empire is in jeopardy over a phone hacking scandal. murdock has now spoken publicly for the first time. we'll tell you what he's saying. and big sports news derek jeter getting hit number 3,000 with a home run. what did the guy who caught the ball do with it? we'll tell you about that, coming up. we begin with the make or break meeting at the white house, and the collusion debt negotiations that seem to have hit a serious road bloke overnight. abc's david kerley following the developments through the night. he is live in washington this morning. it call comes down to the issue of taxes >> reporter: it does. it is all about taxes. and this is a stunning move by the house speeaker. on the eve of some of the biggest policy talks in decades, he basically say, i can't do it. overnight, house speaker john boehner threw a bucket of cold water on the talks, saying that because, quote, the white house will not pursue a bigger debt reduction agreement without tax hikeke he only now wants to
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focus on producing a smaller measure. it is a stunning reversal. earlier last week, both sides said they wanted a big deal. what's called a grand bargain, tying the debt ceiling to tax reform, entitlement reform. deficit reduction, big issues that both parties have argued about for decades. >> to do that, both sides will have to step outside of their comfort zone zones and make political sacrifices. >> reporter: this morning, it doesn't look like that is going to happen. >> they spent weeks on this. they've been in the room and they both said it's important. they both have something to gain by doing it and both have something to lose by failing. >> reporter: rather than all of the big changes and 4 trillion dollars in deficit cuts, the speaker said he wants a smaller $2 trillion deal, the same one the vice president was discussing with the bipartisan group before the president got involved in the talks. what happened? well, boehner heard from the tea party members who are adamant they reject any tax increases and on the president's left,
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signs that democrats would not go for the big deal either. >> past democrats are not supporting any cuts in benefits for social security or medicare. >> reporter: all parties agree that something does have to happen. if an agreement is not reached, they could default on its obligations, sending the economy into a tailspin. now, the white house basically took the high road in reaction to boehner, did not mention him, did not attack him, said the president is sticking with the piece of information that he wants a balanced approach. which means tax revenue, bianna, so negotiations start later again this afternoon here at the white house. >> they do. i guess the big question is, if the big deal soft the table. where does that leave the negotiations? what are the odds that a negotiation won't be reach by the deadline? >> reporter: i wouldn't say odds they get a deal or not.
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the bigger deal is off the table. that's nowhere close to being done. the republicans pulled out of those negotiations with the president. we are not close to a framework that solve this solution. we could see a smaller plan to get the debt ceiling raise and kick this can later in the year, bianna. >> seems instead of making progress, we're taking steps backyards. thank you so much and we'll toss it over to dan. let's stay on this. let's go to christiane amanpour, host of "this week." christiane, good morning to you. >> good morning, dan. >> i know you're interviewing the head of the international monetary fund, the new chief. if the u.s. defaults on its debt, how will the world likely react to that? >> she was very categoric, they don't expect the u.s. to do so. she said she can't imagine a default because it could be catastrophic. many economists say that not only will it send the u.s. and global economy into a tailspin, but it would directly affect people here in the u.s. interest rates would go up,
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there would be a big drop in the stock market. a hike in unemployment. all of the kinds of what she calls shock and nasty consequences that come from such a default. so they don't exexct it to happen. we are also, of course, interviewing our exclusive headliner, bill daley, white house chief of staff. we'll l k him specifically about the latest developments and what is achievable or not. >> big questions for him this morning. i want to ask you about another big story on the global scene. the new secretary of defense, leon panetta is saying defeat of al queda is within reach. here's what i said on a trip to afghanistan. >> now is the moment, now is the moment following what happened with bin laden, to put maximum pressure on them. because i do believe that if we continue this effort, that we can really triple al qaeda, as a threat to this country. >> it's such an interesting statement, christiane, because for so many years, some people argue that defeating a
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decentralized group like al qaeda was eslings impossible. what's your take on this declaration on potential imminent defeat? >> well, he did say if we continue this route. i think that's clear. obviously, al qaeda is spread out to the arabian peninsula, pakistan areas, and the rest. but it's about continuing this route. many people are concerned if there's a withdrawal of u.s. troops they shouldn't be too dramatic or swift to withdraw before al qaeda and taliban are defeated. >> christiane, i appreciate your analysis. i want to remind everybody, be sure to watch christiane a little later this morning on "this week." she has exclusive interview with white house chief of staff bill daley. bianna, over to you. >> not too far from here at rancho mirage, california, friends and family arar gatherig for a friend of life service.
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preparations under way for the former first lady, betty ford. the friends and family gather for a celebration of life service. and how the nation says good-bye to a brave and beloved woman who touched so many lives. her candor and courage touched the nation. and now we know more how betty ford's family y ll pay tribute. >> people in america and across the world, they are going to say good-bye and they want to pay tribute to her. >> reporter: they will in public and private services. in california and michigan. mrs. ford who died of natural causes friday at age 93, will first be remembered in a private service tuesday in palm desert, california near where she wand president ford lived after the white house. on wednesday, her casket will be flown to grand rapids. a public service there. delivering her eulogy, dear friends, lynne cheney, cokie roberts and rosalynn carter whose husband defeated gerald ford for the race to the white house in 1996. >> the relationship that
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mrs. ford and mrs. carter had was one of the deepest and richest in mrs. ford's life. >> reporter: betty ford impacted lives around the world making public her struggle with breast cancer and substance abuse opening treatment center that bears her name. on thursday, she'll be laid to rest alongside her husband, the last wishes of a former first lady. for "good morning america," barbara pinto, abc news. media mogul rupert murdock is on an emergency mission to london this morning to try to keep a phone hacking scandal from bringing down the rest of his empire. murdock landed in london. that's where we find jeffery kofman, good morning you to. >> good morning you to. this it, the final edition. "the end of the world," thank you and good-bye. nobody wanted to be associatate th a tabloid that became tainted and toxic. let's be clear here, while the
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paper is dead, the scandal around it is just beginning to unfold. for the world's most powerful media barren. rupert murdock who owns the wall street journal and fox newfoxnes may be the biggest scandal he's ever faced. it was the best selling paper in the english language. but today the tabloid that lived on scandal has died on a scandal of its own. >> obviously, they've done wrong. >> reporter: and the final edition of "the news of the world" acknowledges that. we've demanded high standards write the editors inside. but as we are now only too painfully aware, some who worked for us, or in our name, fell shamefully short of those standards and quite simply we lost our way. lost in an epidemic of criminal activity, in pursuit of stories, including hacking the voice mails of murder victim, terrorist victims and their families. much of this has been known for
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years but a public network including rupert murdock, british politicians and police, are expected of this. this week an extraordinary public apology from number two at scotland yard. i always put the victim first, but here i didn't follow my principle, and that is my greatest regret. thisisorning, murdock arrived here in london from the u.s. to try to contain the crisis. but it may have already derailed a plan to take over the $20 billion british sky broadcasting satellite network. >> i think people learn about the full extent of what happened, what started as a public relations nightmare, could become a financial problem. >> reporter: not just a financial problem, also a legal problem. murdock's own son is one of many people who could face criminal charges. a footnote, here on the independent sunday, a little jab at t"the news of the world," no phone hacking no law breaking
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just good, honest journalism. bianna. no doubt a huge shock for the publication world. thank you. some of those newspapers will cover why we're here in los angeles. of course talking about the royal couple in america. last night in this theater it was all about hollywood glamour and star power. who better than abc's bob woodruff to tell us about the night. it was a home run, wasn't it? >> this was so hollywood. celebrities pouring in. right down here, down the red carp carpet, along the road, all the cameras flashing, wasn't exactly as big as the oscars but it was getting prettytylose. hollywood's a-list, hit the red carpet last night this time to celebrate up and coming british moviemakers, but the dazzling duo stealing hollywood's lime light this weekend are not movie stars, it's the honeymooning newlwleds, the duke and dutchess of cambridge. >> he's stunning. her dress was beyond amazing. she looks like royalty. >hey make you smile. >> i hope i get an audience th
8:14 am
them. to a couple who exceeds that e level of celebrity, because they are members of the british royal family. >> reporter: kate wowed the crowd with her alexander mcqueen gown designed by sarah burton, creator of kate's now iconic wedding dress. the queen even lent her earrings. >> kate is doing very well. she seems to be enjoying herself. >> reporter: as president of the british academy of film and television arts, william was there to honor the most promising british talent. >> thank you all so much for coming and i think great things will result. now, as they say, lights, camera, action. >> reporter: earlier in the day, will and kate touched down at the posh santa barbara polo club to raise money for charity. >> we want to give the most disadvantaged young in society hope and confidence in their lives.
8:15 am
splendidly dressed guests she stood out again in a flirty jenny packham dress. the future king of england also showed how comfortable he is atop a a pony on the polow fiel. he scored for his team, not just once, but four times. he even got a kiss from the dutchess. so, you know, not a bad morning at all. there you go, watch the polo game, go to hollywood. not a bad job. >> they had a lot of fun. >> of course we'll have much more coverage on the royal couple's visit in the next half hour. now we t tn to the man who made last night more star-studded. ron claiborne as a look at the other morning headlines. did you like that transition, ron? >> i love that transition. good morning, everyone. >> good morning to you, bianna and bob. japan was hit by a powerful earthquake in the same area still recovering from the devastating quake and tsunami four months ago. the 7.9 quake shook buildings but no major damage or injuries
8:16 am
reported. residents along the coast were briefly warned to evacuate. and space shuttle "atlantis" connects with the space shuttle. one last time this morning. "atlantis" has only four crew helps aboard. which makes it a challenging mission. a little tougher this time. the submission is to deliver food and supplies to the space station. and hines ward, the pittsburgh steelers football star and reigning "dancing with the stars" champ arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. he was arrested outside of atlanta saturday morning. and later released on bond. ward's lawyer issued a statement claiming that the former super bowl mvp was not driving drunk. and a fire broke out at a rihanna concert saturday night in dallas. forcing the show to be cut short. a pyrotechnics malfunction apparently caused the fire at the top of the stage. a crew quickly put it out and in one was injured. finally, most child, children live up to their dads. one little girl had a good reason to call hers a special hero. her dad was riding his daughter
8:17 am
and nephew home when the car caught fire. and he stopped the car and pulled the kids out before t th broke in to flames. >> my hero dad, he always saves me from any harm or trouble or if i get hurt. >> hero dad saving his kids and nephew from a fire in the car. congratulation. >> he's a good dad, thank you very much. now let's check the weather with stephanie roberts from tampa affiliate. good morning. >> good morning. it's extreme heat for this sunday morning. we have 15 states under heat advisories for today. tulsa, forecast high of 107. that's a new record. memphis, headed to the 100 degree mark for the first time this season. folks in memphis trying to find ways to beat the heat. that involves water, kids playing in the sprinkler, you have to drink plenty of fluids, hang out in the shade as much as possible. memphis, it is not just today
8:18 am
you'll be seeing this heat. looking at days of triple digit temperature, looking at 110 and that heat creeping up into t t midwest as well. also seeing severe storms already this morning, just south of minneapolis. that's a look at the weather around the country. dan, back you to. >> thanks, stephanie. big sports news a major milestone for future hall-of-famer, derek jeter. he racked up 3,000 hits and the hit was a home run.
8:19 am
sailing into the seats and into the hands of one lucky fan. what did the fan do with the ball? here's abc's linsey davis. >> hit to left field. >> reporter: it's the hit yankee fans had been waiting for all season. 3,000! history with an exclamation point. >> reporter: derek jeter's 3,000th hit. >> once he made contact, i knew it was going out. >> oh, my gosh, i was so excited. >> awesome! >> reporter: he's the 28th player in major league history to reach the 3,000 milestone, and the first ever yankee. even sweeter, it's jeter's first home run at yankee stadium in nearly a year. >> afterwards it was relief. i was excited but to be honest, pretty relieved. >> reporter: it was bottom of the third. 1-0. 3-2 count. jeter was swinging no matter what. then he hit a curveball. to dave price. 23-year-old christian lopez was the lucky fan who caught that home run ball and he immediately
8:20 am
gave it back to jeter, saying, it belongs to him. >> his accomplishment is a milestone. like one said, only 27 other people have done this. it's not a every day thing. and he deserves every second of it. >> reporter: lopez asked for nothing in return but a chance to meet his idol. >> i had an opportunity to meet him a while ago. he got a ticket from his girlfriend. he oweweher quite a bit. >> reporter: the yankees award lopez with four seats in the yankees suite for the rest of the season and playoffs too. >> for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc new, new york. well, what would you do, bianna? would you give up the ball? >> i don't know. i don't know. it's such an iconic thing. how many times has that happened? i don't know, i'm being honest. maybe i would give it you to. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> what's coming up from l.a. this morning? >> we have much more from the royal visit. hollywood stylist rachel zoe
8:21 am
will be here to talk about kate and her fashion and how she wows them with her style everywhere she goes. >> and also coming up. kidnapped as a girl and held captive for nearly a decade. jaycee dugard tells about her extraordinary ordeal and life now. keep it here. ne nivea. express hydration. the fast absorbing body lotion for moisture that lasts all day with breakthrough 24 hour hydraiq technology. ♪ absorbs in seconds. ♪ lasts for hours. ♪ new express hydration with hydraiq. part of the essentials range. nivea. a hundred years of skincare for life.
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♪ isn't she lovely ♪ isn't she wonderful >> there she is, dutchess of the hour. kate middleton wrapping up the whirlwind tour of north america. 10 days, 40 dresses. last night was probably the most amaze ugg of all dresses. we're going to talk about kate's fashion sense with stylist to the star, rachel zoe on "good morning america" and good morning, america, i'm bianna golodryga. live from the belasco theater where the stars mingled with the royal couple last night. dan, if you're not into fashion, i know you're into food. let me tell what they ate last night. they ate filet of beef with leeks and pickled spring garlic. >> i guess they couldn't get
8:31 am
rubber chicken with the royals in the house. >> or fish and chips. not going to hype the grease on the alexander mcqueen dress. >> good morning, everybody, i'm dan harris. >> we'll tell you about another story. jaycee dugard, kidnapped and raped for 18 years. she has now spoken exclusively with abc's diane sawyer. we'll look how the system failed dugard and allowed a convicted sex offender to hold her prisoner. bianna, over you to. also, dan, a chance to dance with royalty. we take a look at students at an inner city art program. they are amazing kids and will and kate will visit them later today. >> looking forward to that. thank you, bianna. before we get to all of that. let's start with a look at the morning's headline was ron claiborne. >> good morning, everyone. good morning again, dan. in the news, president obama hosts congressional leaders at the white house for another round of debt talk bus hopes for a so-called grand bargain appeared dead. a work to the smaller deal after house speaker, john boehner abandoned efforts to slash $4 trillion from the deficit.
8:32 am
and top u.s. military leader is in beijing, looking to improve military relations with china. admiral mike mullin, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are trying to bolster talks following setbacks in chinese relations, including cyberattacks, traced to china. and new york city will take online reservations for those wishing to visit the memorial. memorial opens september 12th. and finally, tennis great, andre agassi was inducted into the international tennis hall of fame in newport, rhode island. the eight-time grand slam champion was joined at the ceremony by his wife, fellow hall-of-famer, steffi graf. and time for the weather from stephanie roberts. >> good morning. it's going to be hot on the tennis courts across the country.
8:33 am
widespread highs in the 90s this afternoon, dallas, you're going for the ninth consecutive triple digit heat day. the best way to beat the heat if you're so lucky, head to the coastline. looks like a great day up and down the east coast beach, southeast you may see numerous scattered afternoon thunderstorms. of course, that's typical this time of year down in the southeast. and a picture-perfect day up and down the west coast. 49 degree. i think i'll wear a wet suit if you're going in that water. that's a look at what is happening across the nation. that's a look at what is happening across the nation. this weather report has been brought to you by bush's grillin' beans, bianna. stephanie, the weather in los angeles, sunny and beautiful. it's not all glitz and glamour for the duke and dutchess of cambridge in l.a. there's another side. to the first trip to america. just a few miles from where the
8:34 am
red carpet was rolled out last night, the royal couple will make one very special visit today. these are performers, but they are not famous, and they are not rich. they are young dreamers, who are being given a chance. >> inner city arts helped me discover who i am and what i want to do with my life and who i am as a person as an artist. >> reporter: this is a school for those who were born with gifts, but not the resources. it is based here in downtown los angeles, in what is commonly called skid row. >> all the children, they live in the inner city, they live around this neighborhood. they are dealing with challenges of economics and homelessness in a lot of instanceses. >> reporter: for the past 22 years, this academy has provided a safe haven for los angeles inner city youth. helping them embrace talents from art to music to performance. for these young teens, this place has been more than a school. it's a physical and emotional haven.
8:35 am
>> a lot of us don't let our passions out. we restrict ourselves, half the time we think that's what society somememes wants, but here, you can let all your passions out. >> reporter: and today, this school, and thousands of students who come here each year, will be front and center. william and kate have chosen this, as only one of the handful of charitable organizations they are focusing on. >> one, two, three. >> why do you think they specifically chose your area of operations to come visit on their three-day trip? >> i think our interests are aligned with their interests, really focusing on the welfare of youth and their families and homelessness. >> it must make you feel so special, all your hard work is really put to great use here by having them come to your house. >> it's a great opportunity really for the world to see what inner city arts is about. the opportunities they provide for youth in t ts area.
8:36 am
and the youth that are making positive choice. >> we're trying to put on a great show, because they're coming here, so we have to show what we got. >> reporter: these kids' talent and determination against all odds, inspired me. so now i'm going to take on the challenge, learning how to do a dance step the one you're doing. ♪ >> very impressive. >> dan, now you see, you see me ride a horse, you've seen me dance. but i'll leave the rest of the stuff to the kids. they wowed me. they are so driven. they are so mature and well spoken. i told them, i said, you guys are really representing america when they come and see you today. they deserve that trip and all of the accolades that come with it. >> i can't wait to see the looks
8:37 am
on their faces when will and kate walk through the door. bianna, thank you for that. coming up on "good morning america," jaycee dugard, her stolen life. she talks to abc news' diane sawyer how she survived the unthinkable for 18 year. keep it here we're right back with this story.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
there's a switch that i had to shut off. >> i'm trying to imagine, how you are coping. i'm trying to imagine -- >> i don't know. you know, i mean, i can't imagine being beaten to death, you know? but -- and you can't imagine being kidnapped and raped, you know. so it's just -- you just do what you have to do. to survive. >> that is part of the extraordinary exclusive interview jaycee dugard did with abc's diane sawer with which airs tonight on abc. dugard was kidnapped at the age of 11 and held captive for 18 years by convicted sex offender, phillip garrido. and just this week. federal court officials said the u.s. probation office in san francisco was lacks in
8:41 am
monitoring garrido and his horrendous acts might have been prevented if he had been supervised properly from the start. abc's chris cuomo looking into how law enforcement missed so many opportunities to stop garrido. >> reporter: your investigation reveals decades of neglect by state and federal parole officials, basically allowing phillip garrido to do as he pleased, including taking jaycee dugard prisoner. pain felt most sharply by one person who never lost sight of this situation. jaycee's mom. >> how could anybody with a heart on consecious or a soul for that matter, take an innocent child away from its mother. >> reporter: this is the first time terry's searing words were heard outside of court. the pain and outrage, she spoke directly to the garridos. a mother that demands change. >> i'm appalled. i'm disgusted, and something needs to change. >> how much of the outrage goes
8:42 am
to fixing this situation? >> i think that's what it is. i think that's what fuels the fire. the outrage that i have, the anger that i have. ♪ >> reporter: garrido's terrifying career of sexual crimes begins in april 1972. vietnam is raging, students protesting at uc berkeley. and just 40 miles away in the small town of antioch, 21-year-old phillip garrido is wanting a war of his own against young women, charged with drugging a 14-year-old girl and repeatedly raping her. the case is dropped after the victim refuses to testify, leaving garrido free to strike again. and he does. >> a real wake-up call about a stem riddled with holes. you can see the interview
8:43 am
tonight at 9:00 on abc. and chris cuomo's reporting will be part of that. coming up on "good mororng america," bianna talks royal fashion with one of the best in the business, the stylist rachel zoe is next. [ female announcer ] a revolutionary conditioner from dove. we've combined conditioner with a weightless nutri-oil treatment. to give 3x the internal nourishing power of our regular conditioner. new dove daily treatment nditioner. make friends with your hairir new dove daily treatment nditioner. discover customersl are getting five percent cashbackck bonus at the pump...
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8:47 am
on this tour and we'll talk more about her fashion style with stylist to the stars, rachel e zoe, great to you have here. >> great to be here. >> let's talk about the dress last night. alexander mcqueen, lavender. i take it you were a fan? >> i can't say enough about that dress. i couldn't have actually picked something better than that for her. >> what about that dress struck you the most? >> it's almost like what not about that dress. it was the most flawless. the color for this kind of year was just unbelievable. it had this incredible kind of grecian quality to it, yet a simple,ettte theory yal, glamourous and effortless which is what she seems to do very well. >> the fact she doesn't travel with a stylist, she was with hollywood royalty and she was the won that shown the most. >> i mean, she's just -- i don't know. i mean, i can't really pick on
8:48 am
her for anything. >> you want to -- >> i don't even want to. i think she's everything we really want her to be. she has a smile all of the time. she walklkas such elegance and grace. the way she carries -- she seems like the most low maintenance, i just threw on this couture gown and left, and threw her hair back. >> you commented it's not the red carpet look, and dresses but her casual look, the skinny jeans she was sporting in canada. >> i absolutely love it. she really looks like she'll go into her closet and say i'll just put on a quite pair of jeans, and a cute jacket and go out the door, and, oh, yeah, i'm a princess. she's flawless. that's effortless at its best. >> the fact you can criticize, she's playing it safe. do you think that's a safe move to milwaukee or do you think it should be edgier? >> i actually really like what she's doing. taking on this role as a princess is a lot of things. i think a fashion icon is something you become whether you want to or not.
8:49 am
i think she's really easing into it. she's not trying too hard. she's always getting it right to me. she's very approachable in what she chooses and i think she's going to be here a long time in the fashion world and i think she has plenty of time to ready do this over the top couture. but i think for right now this is perfect. >> do you see her as a potential trend-setter? we obviously kind of agree her clothes beautiful. but is she starting any trends, wearing the fascinators? >> yeah, i think she already is. no matter what she wear, it's going to be on trend and it's going to stay. whatever she's wear something selling out in five seconds. >> obviously, you may be bias given you're from the fashion world. i love fashion. dan harris loves fashion as well. co-anchor in new york. what does she contribute to the world of fashion in your view? >> first of all, she's wearing a lot of color, which i love. i love that she's weararg a lot of uk designers to show the support of england which i love.
8:50 am
i think she has this incredible smile on her face which show, okay, i'm this young woman, but i'm also just -- i'm very happy, i'm very in love.s, okay, i'm this young woman, but i'm also just -- i'm very happy, i'm very in love., okay, i'm this young woman, but i'm also just -- i'm very happy, i'm very in love.s, okay, i'm this young woman, but i'm also just -- i'm very happy, i'm very in love. this is young love that we all want to see. and i think that people are just really enjoying watching the two of them. and i think that she's making a mark in the fashion world. she really is for sure. >> for those saying we're being sexist and focusing on kate. quickly, i want to ask you about the couple as a whole, william, how about his style for men? >> he's got a pretty tricky role, i think. he really has to kind of be very conservative, i think, and so far, i think he's doing it right. i think that -- i'd like to see him maybe play a little more with some more kind of out there, you know, jackets and stuff like that. but i think he's doing a really nice job. that is a royal couple. >> if anything, he's great arm candy for her. >> i mean yes, i would say yes. >> rachel. it's great talking to you.
8:51 am
of course you'll be on "good morning america" as well continuing on this conversation. >> i am. and i can't wait. we'll see you then. tomorrow on the show. >> thanks for having me. >> we'll be right back from the historic bell as cotheater in downtown l l angeles. so delicio! i've never tasted anything so delicious. richard, why are you wearing grandpa's jacket? i'm not richard. i'm grandpa smucker. male announcer: tim and richard smucker always looked up to their father and grandfather knowing that one day they too would make the world's best jam. grandpa says it like, i've never tasted anything so delicious! i've never tasted anything so delicious! tim: [ laughing ] you got it! male announcer: for five generations, with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. vo:...and so is the bacon... cheddar ranch tendercrisp at burger king. crispy bacon, rich cheddar cheese and creamy ranch dressing. not even the end of the world will make you put it down.
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i want to thank ebody i want to thank everybody for joining us this morning.
8:56 am
before we go, i need to cue up a very important piece of video from the top story of the morning. make sure you didn't miss this. this is bianna golodryga, dancing with unbelievable skill. bianna, we are so impressed here. >> it's bare foot. dan, it goes something like this. i'll teach you and ron when i come back to new york. i always like to come back with momentos. souvenirs for you guys. i couldn't bring filet of beef. ron and dan, roses. royals were in the room with these roses. >> thanks, bianna. thank you everybody for watch >> see you later. k9 advantix ii.
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